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Andrea Puckett is a professionally trained, certified dog trainer. She was certified in 2014 by National K9 in Columbus Ohio. Her certifications include; puppy preschool, basic obedience, advanced obedience, scent work and service work dog work.


She feels that in-home training gives your dog the best chance of success because it is a real life situation as opposed to a "box store" group training or isolated at a facility. She believes it is imperative for the family to be involved in the training and prepared for all situations that may arise.

Services include but are not limited to: behavior modification. For example chewing, jumping, play biting, house training, digging. Basic obedience which includes: heel with an automatic sit, sit, stay, down, come & place. Advanced obedience such as: Off leash, pool safety, and AKC good citizen prep. Service dog includes: retrieval, stability, help with ADLs, PTSD and autism.


*Understanding the psychology of motivation, drive and praise is what we do! Teaching you how to use your dogs’ instincts to your advantage is what we live for! We believe that the foundation of any relationship is communication.  Without it, both of us are lost. Dogs speak a different language but the good news is, we can help you understand that language! We will teach you how to motivate your dog to work with you not against you! 

*We use a wide variety of tools for different dogs. We are experts in teaching you how to use them safely and effectively.  As with every tool, if it is not used correctly it can be dangerous.  Examples include slip leads, training collar, prong collar, low-level e-collars, crate and treats or kibble.

*Credit to The Canine Professor for wording (because she knows how to explain it better than I)




 Once a week for 6 weeks (6 sessions) - I will teach you how to train your dog. You must work with your dog at least 45min – 2 hours daily.


We will do all basic obedience commands such as sit, heel, down, place and we will address all behavior issues.


Once a week for 8 weeks (8 sessions)- This includes all basic obedience plus an advanced course such as treadmill walking, off leash, pool safety, and child safety.

*Boot camp style available for faster turn around time.


You must have a documented health condition that warrants assistance. This may include psychiatric disorders such as PTS/D or Major Depression, if the dog is trained for a specific task that you are unable to do yourself.
You must be able to reinforce all commands as requested by your trainer.
*Remember- a service dog is NOT a pet. The person requiring the service dog will be required to do all of the reinforcement and daily maintenance, such as; feeding and exercise. Other family members’ interaction will be limited.

*This includes helping you choose a dog that is right for you and right for the task.